Can’t decide? Studies show we get stuck on choices in front of us instead of focusing on how we will actually decide.

Want to, need to or have to? In life we are faced with multiple obstacles, how do you decide the best course of action? Or do you even decide at all? With tons of decisions faced daily, learn how to leverage discipline and mindfulness to cut off all other alternatives, other than your desired outcome. You are one conscious decision away from an entirely different life. Disciplined decisions will give you the fundamentals to take back decisions from your subconscious, and provide clear direction to everything you ever desired.

"Want to, need to or have to? At some point you made something simple into something complex."

Discipline Training

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the tools to breakdown the fundamentals of decisions
  • Dissect your catalyst
  • Leverage the why behind discipline
  • Train with the “Have to” state
  • Conscious vs. Sub-Conscious

Program Includes

Discipline Introduction 1-on-1

Discipline gets results. 120 minute one on one discipline assessment session that begins the process of uncovering your subconscious decision making.

Conference Calls

4 x 60-minute conference calls per program, to provide insight and teachings.

Discipline Execution

120-minute mid-program one on one, “Have to” state incorporation.


Workshop material provided, conscious vs. sub-conscious assessments included.

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