Stop convincing yourself that you are doing your best.

When people are asked to describe their strengths and weaknesses, they fall into two categories. The first half generally state the strengths fairly well, but they’re not so good on identifying the weaknesses. The other half generally state the weakness fairly well, but not so good at their strengths. When asked both what they’re doing or going to do about their weaknesses, the answer is rarely clear or cohesive.

By constantly Insisting of Realism, you will give yourself the opportunity to build on your foundation of skills to clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses. With a specific set of measurable tactics. In conjunction with authenticity, prepare to become the best accountable version of you.

Realism is a way of life, continually bettering yourself today for tomorrow.  

"It’s sometimes not about what you’re doing, but more importantly what you’re not doing."

Realism Training

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn to constantly insist of realism within yourself
  • Execution planning
  • Measurable tactics board
  • Strengths vs. Opportunities
  • Limitless

Program Includes

Realism Introduction 1-on-1

Let’s turn your dreams into reality. 120 minute one on one Insist of realism assessment session that begins the process of achieving everything you ever dreamed of.

Conference Calls

4 x 60-minute conference calls per program, to provide insight and teachings.

Realism Execution

120-minute mid-program one on one, double down on your strengths and triple down on your opportunities.


Workshop material provided, strengths vs. opportunity and capability assessments included.

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