Brett Piperni is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and high-performance coach. For over 2 decades, more than 10 thousand people have embraced the warmth, emotional control and self-empowerment. 

As an entrepreneur, Brett has formed and cultivated a vast array of start-ups, built the Limitless Academy and developed a methodology for complete mental control that is used by athletes, professionals, and individuals all around the world. 

As a philanthropist, Brett resigned from corporate world to dedicate his time to give back. Brett taught free classes with over 500 participants per class, giving the power back through mindfulness and mediation. 

As a high-performance coaching professional, Brett has dedicated over 25 years of disciplined martial arts training and competition. With Brett’s background in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Sports Phycology and Emotional Intelligence, Brett works directly with and alongside the world’s greatest athletes, coaches and leaders.


“My why is to give people the power to positively change their life”


“My vision is a world where people have the confidence, knowledge and skill to achieve what they thought impossible”


“My mission is to cultivate peak performance in all aspects of life by turning detrimental subconscious thoughts into measurable conscious actions”