You are one conscious decision away
from an entirely different life!

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You must first know who you really are, in order to figure out what you really want.


It’s sometimes not about what you’re doing, but more importantly what you’re not doing.


Want to, need to or have to? At some point you made something simple into something complex.


Thinking about what to do next is the hard part, actually doing it is easy.

About Brett

Brett Piperni is a performance focused coaching professional with over 25 years of disciplined martial arts training balanced with mindful meditation. In conjunction with years of corporate leadership, Brett has had the opportunity to work alongside and with some of the world’s greatest athletes, coaches and leaders.

Offering a specific set of services for a wide range of coaching professionals, athletes, executives, leaders and organizations. Which are formed from the highest levels of experience delivering winning performances in high pressure environments around the world.


The representation of your conscious decision, that you will create the life you have always dreamed of. When you close your eyes and picture yourself living the life you always wanted or dreamed about it while you sleep. Those feelings are real, there is something there, but it is up to you to make it happen. 

The “V” is you taking a stand, for what you believe in. Never giving into the naysayers. Turning “No” into “Yes” Every thought, every idea, and every dream you ever had will become reality. I believe this wholeheartedly, that is what this logo represents to me, knowing that I can and will do more.


“Science is in the programming, art is in the adjustments and success is in demanding more from yourself than anyone ever can”


Look in the mirror, assess all aspects that are important to you. It is one of the motives that drive self-evaluation, along with self-verification and self-enhancement.

Emotional Fortitude

The ability to separate your own emotions with the tangible facts. When someone has fortitude, it means that they have emotional control and the ability to leverage adversity.

Be Relentless

You tried your best? Or you did your best? If you are just trying than failure is still an option. Know that you can and will do more, to the place that no one else has ever gone.

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